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Quickpen by Laura Condouris.

Quickpen is casual and carefree, designed to re-create the look of confident, quickly-jotted script with a felt-tip pen or brush. In Open Type, ligatures and contextual alternates for lowercase letters add a natural hand-written look, while swashes lend a bit more finesse. The perfect script for any design that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Guido Mocafico

Portraits of Modeled Glass Sea Creatures by Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka


Naive Inlines Sans by La Goupil.

Naïve Inline Sans is a handwritten font by Fanny Coulez for La Goupil Paris. The three weights of this new sans serif parisian typography can be enhanced with a bicolor interior, ribbed or full, to improve your designs and bring a feeling more modern and unusual. To do this, you must simply superimpose the 2 elements : the weight above, the interior below. Merci beaucoup!

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Karen Knorr at Danziger Gallery, on view until May 3, 2014.



Joe Iurato is an street and commercial artist based in New Jersey. He places miniature sculptures in public spaces and transforms his environment to small tales.

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Inkstinctive II: Illustrations by DZO Olivier

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Tomcat BrothersPiotr Jabłoński

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Crisp Street Apartment by MIM Design